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Eliott Lapotre rides the new Vee Tire Co. Attack HPL

Eliott Lapotre rides the new Vee Tire Co. Attack HPL





In 2013, Veerawat Sukanjanapong, the son of our founder created Vee Tire Co. He took his immense knowledge of tire materials and production and used them to create world class tires using the best materials available. The Vee Tire Co. brand was launched with great success. With own dedicated facilities, engineers, tools and machinery, Vee Tire Co has total control of the whole manufacturing process and can quickly respond to market trends and ideas.


Vee Tire Co has grown very fast. With 3 dedicated offices around the world in Bangkok Thailand, Atlanta USA and Bologna Italy, we are close to our customers and the market trends. Additionally, Vee Tire Co has over 30 distributors worldwide making access to Vee Tire Co. products and service very easy.


Vee Tire Co. has many partners for aftermarket, OEM and ODM. We have partnered with 20 bicycle tire brands to manufacture tires for them. We also supply tires for more than 100 bicycle brands.


Vee Tire Co is committed to making product development the foremost priority in creating tires and tubes. Our goal is to create the bicycle tire with better quality and better features such as puncture resistance, easy tubeless setup, longer lifetime, better compound options, durable casing and E-Bike compability.


For Gravity MTB tire development, we partner with World Cup and world class downhill and gravity teams and rely on their feedback. In 2018 we are tire supplier for Propain Dirt Sixpack for World Cup DH. We’re also proud to have worked with Swiss Downhill Syndicateand Vincent Tupin. Their valuable inputs have led us to create the Flow Snap and Flow Rumba tires. We’ve made many compound changes and added extra protection against punctures in rapid time thanks to their help. You can spot our tires soon under Phil Atwill, David Trummer and the Kerr twins with VEE FACTORY RIDE logo as specially developed DH tires. Vee Tire Co is proud to continue supporting Vincent Tupin, and we’ve added other riders such as Veronique Sandler, Eliot Lapotre, Vincent Pernin, Jordie Lunn, David Cachon and many more.


Our tires, especially the Flow Snap with its unique knob design, ton of grip and strong casing has received great reviews from,,, and

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